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Welcome to GEMSTART5 website from COMECA 

(Latest update : April 2nd, 2015)

Comeca LV unit "EBT" is in charge for developping the Gemstart5 product line.
We are proud to propose you a product more and more efficient and adapted to your needs.

*GEMSTART5 and GEMPRO manuals   Back to top

Latest versions of these manuals are available here.
Note: GEMSTART5 and GEMPRO manuals are also copied during GEMPRO installation and are available from the GEMPRO application in the Start Menu.

            Volume 1 - User Manual
This guide provides basics on GEMSTART5, such as main characteristics and external modules, schematics types, protection functions and control functions.
                    -> Volume 1 - User Manual (Rev. H, July 2014)
                       (right click + Save as)
        Volume 2 - Specification                                                                      
This manual contains specification for each schematic type managed by GEMSTART5 and gives all details for Inputs/Outputs and protection functions that can be programmed to cover your needs.
                    -> Volume 2 - Specification (Rev. G, october 2011)
                       (right click + Save as)
        Volume 3 - Gempro
                 This manual gives information about GEMPRO, control and configuration software.
                    -> Volume 3 - Gempro (Rev. G, october 2011)
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*GEMSTART5 firmware update    Back to top

The latest version of the GEMSTART5 firmware is provided to offer new functions or enhance reliability. Your GEMSTART5 can be updated by downloading this file and transfer it using GEMPRO.
            -> Download GEMSTART5 Firmware update (multilingual) (H17 updated on 10/03/2015)
                (right click + Save as)

            Updates from previous version


*Profibus      Back to top        

If you are installing GEMSTART5 on a Profibus link, you will need to add the GEMSTART5 GSD file to your PLC configuration software.

            -> Download GEMSTART5 Profibus GSD file v2.3 (updated on 28/03/2007)                                             (right click + Save as)

            -> Download GEMSTART5 Profibus GSD file v2.5 (updated on 16/05/2008)                                             (right click + Save as)

            Updates for v2.5
            Directives if updating to GSD v2.5

*GEMPRO     Back to top

GEMPRO is a free software program provided with GEMSTART5. It allows monitoring, control and configuration of GEMSTART5. It runs on most standard PCs with Windows 7 (XP SP2 compatibility mode), 2000, XP or NT4 operating system. You can connect the PC to the front panel of a GEMSTART5 using a standard PC serial port and a straight-through male-to-female 9-way cable with D-type connectors. GEMPRO alows you to do the following on the connected GEMSTART5:

            -> Download GEMPRO English (Version updated 01/04/2015)
                (right click + Save as)

            Updates from previous version (
            Updates from previous version (             Directives

*Declaration of Conformity    Back to top

                EC Declaration of Conformity

                ATEX Certificate for Thermal Protection

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